On the Road….

The first of the Homeless Adjunct road trips is about to begin.  Chris and I leave tomorrow from Philadelphia, heading for Pittsburgh.  We will get there sometime Saturday evening.  May 20, we will be meeting with people from the Occupy Pittsburgh movement — young education activists who have been working for justice in regard to student loan debt and affordability issues.  We’re also meeting with some of the people in the Steelworkers Union, and the Duquesne adjunct unionizing effort.  Some of the other cities on this trip will be Cleveland, Toledo, and Detroit.  In each city, we’ll be meeting with people who are deeply involved in issues of higher education, talking with them, filming, getting to know their cities and their own regional concerns.

I’ve packed my iPhone, and will be giving a shot to using it to shoot some video footage, which we will put up on our youtube channel, our facebook page and other sites.  I don’t know how sophisticated they will be at first, since I’m the type of person who blows up toaster ovens and blenders, and who may not be the best person to videoblog. Luckily, Chris will be videoblogging, too, on the 2255films.com blog.   I’m not much for Twitter, but I think Chris will be tweeting, and we have some friends waiting out there in the world who will be retweeting for us.

Since this is the first stretch of our road trips, we aren’t exactly sure what will happen.  But I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to work like the devil to get things lined up, and then just….show up and let the events flow.

Stay tuned, and we’ll try to keep everybody posted as the events unfold.

Of course, if any of you are IN the cities we mentioned, please email us at junctrebellion@gmail.com and let us know if you want to join in the activities.  We are still firming up our dates of arrival in the various cities, depending on coordinating everybody’s availability.

Wish us luck.

About junctrebellion

'Junct Rebellion was established to raise awareness of the corporate colonization that has taken over our U.S. universities, beginning in the 1980s and growing more and more dire with each decade. Our state universities used to be free, or very low-cost; they used to employ full-time faculty; they were run by faculty for the purpose of disseminating scholarship, to fellow academics and students and to society at large. Now, stratospheric tuitions and crippling student loan debt have been normalized, 80% of faculty across the country are hired on "adjunct" contracts, usually lasting one semester at a time. Classes are designed and overseen by administrators who have never taught. Administrators outnumber both faculty and students on most campuses across the U.S. In short, our academic system has been hijacked by for-profit "business models" and corporatist values. Education is a social good and should be seen, valued and supported as such. It is not a commodity. Our students are not sacrificial lambs. Our scholars are not untouchables, to be starved out of existence. Please join us in our efforts to restore high-quality academia to American society.
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5 Responses to On the Road….

  1. VanessaVaile says:

    “friends waiting out there in the world who will be retweeting for us” ~ that’s us, the virtual groupies, cyber roadies

  2. Dr D Ramseyer says:

    This is awsome.Hope you folks get to California where we need some major adjunct change!Power to the adjuncts!

  3. darthvadersmom says:

    Onward! It’s time!!

  4. VanessaVaile says:

    fyi ~ just posted a short list of #AdjunctTour related sources to repost and tweet. It’s over on the ‘Junct Tour Event page. Please help, be a virtual roadie (like me) ~ join there, repost, tweet, spread the word. Highered media is not paying much attention… maybe they prefer us in the victim role and not speaking for ourselves.

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