John Casey’s response to the recently-released Coalition on the Academic Workforce Report. To quote him, “So it’s official, the dead horse has been beaten once again.” The fact that we keep this information, essentially, in-house, is a problem that he speaks of. These details have to be put into the hands of legislators, parents, other “stakeholders” in society who realize the need for solid, well-paid and consistently supported faculty positions. John agrees with my less-than-enthusiastic assessment of the AAUP-endorsed four phase plan, and, like me, would love to see something much closer to a plan to pay and treat faculty as the professionals we are.

John A Casey Jr

In what may qualify as the non-event of the year, the Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAW) released its report on Adjunct working conditions yesterday.  The data paints a picture similar to that of Josh Boldt’s earlier crowdsourced study the Adjunct Project.  Non-tenure track faculty are working long hours for little pay, and they would gladly accept a full-time career track position if one were made available.  The more interesting statistic from the CAW study that gets lost in the overwhelming focus on pay is that a significant majority of those working off the tenure track are women who teach in humanities disciplines.

Reading through the CAW’s study, I couldn’t help but feel that the time spent on this project would have been better used somewhere else. The trends in Adjunct labor have not dramatically changed since the CAW was founded in 1997.  What has changed is that each year…

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