Speaking and Screenings

As the documentary and book move toward completion, co-producers Debra Leigh Scott and Chris LaBree welcome the opportunity to screen clips of the film and discuss the project.  As an educator with over 25 years experience, Debra Leigh is also happy to speak to groups about the state of higher education, the need for a new model of learning and academic pursuit, and ways to opt out of a broken system without diminishing the possibilities of success.

Chris and Debra are available for TV, radio, print and internet interviews.

Please contact us at junctrebellion@gmail.com to discuss your interests in greater detail.

6 Responses to Speaking and Screenings

  1. Jen says:

    I very much enjoyed hearing you on fresh air today. As an adjunct professor myself it is refreshing and hopeful to hear your point if view.

  2. This is a beautiful website that can help adjunct faculty come together to oppose the ongoing corporatization in Higher Education. Thank you

  3. danabiscotti says:

    When the film be ready?

    • HI Dana. We’ve just about wrapped the interviews. Now that I have left the adjuncting that took 9 to 10 months of every year away from my projects, I hope to have the shape of the film, so that we can begin post production very soon. A very optimistic hope is that we will have our first (very) rough cut by year’s end. Stay tuned here. The Homeless Adjunct will have announcements now each step of the way.

  4. Amy Eisner says:

    Hi – hope you’re well. I’m just coming across your work and would love an update on the film and all your endeavors.

    • Hi Amy. We are working to move the film into post-production. I’m currently working to write the script and tie all the interviews together, and we’ll then be editing and structuring the many hundreds of hours of interviews. Our hope is that, once the film begins to come together, we use the interview pieces left out in additional blogs and youtube posts, so that nothing is lost. Let me know if you are interested in bringing us to a campus to do a screening or give a talk.

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